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A Tiny little story

These are new times, but Nancy and Doug's earlier and nostalgic experience in a small town elementary school and high school are enjoyably captured in their children's book entitled A Tiny Little Story.

For that generation, it worked pretty well...maybe even very well.  But, today it is no longer the very best path.  There is a veritable army of educators (teachers, administrators, academics, and philanthropists) out there who are determined to create and test exciting new ideas that are transforming and will continue to transform preschool-12 education into an ever-improving new place where, once again, the young people who have benefitted from those programs "can go wherever they want to go" and "be whatever they want to be."  That's a simple, understandable, and powerful goal. The Nancy M. and Douglas M. Yeager Family Foundation is committed to be part of that critical effort and invites you to do everything you can do personally, professionally, and organizationally to help realize that goal.  How better could we spend our time and resources?