"I was able to sit in stillness and listen for my thoughts again.  I regained comfort with stillness.  I also was able to read, study and practice mindfulness and meditation....My own personal resolve, calm and practice were strengthened during my week of retreat.  The grace that I carry into my daily life will have a ripple effect.  All that I gained from this week of contemplation at glorious GilChrist will be carried to my own family, my staff, my students and their families and my community."--2017 Participant

"I know I will hold the lessons and truths I have learned at the teacher residency with me forever."--2017 Participant

"It was truly one of the most remarkable weeks of my life.  The GilChrist Retreat Center is a very special place, almost magical.  I was able to quiet my mind and find a peace that had been missing for many years." --2016 Participant

"What a gift you and your family have given all of us teachers." -- 2015 Participant

"Within your family foundation I have found an heirloom quilt, a patchwork of love and understanding to metaphorically wrap around my soul to keep me warm and safe and connected to the new GilChrist family I have come to love deeply."-- 2014 Participant

"The beauty and quietness of GilChrist renewed my heart, mind and soul."--2012 Participant

"I believe that the real gift of this week is that I learned something personal and new about, not just the art process but about myself.  Since I am mainly an art teacher I will now look  for ways to apply this to my teaching."--2011 Participant

The Residency gave me the opportunity to pull back from my family, my work as a school counselor and my graduate studies.  I unplugged from technology, the media and my to do lists.  It took a few days for my body to relax into a quieter and more thoughtful existence, one in which I became conscious of habits like doing more than one thing at a time, moving at warp speed and living in the future."--2009 Participant

"GilChrist is a sacred place with special people, practices and places that every human being should be able to visit, touch, and carry with them.  I am truly fortunate."--2009 Participant

"A different trajectory was put into motion that week in Michigan.  Already, on numerous occasions, I have been able to sort essential from non-essential obligations.  I have kindly but firmly trimmed at least three roles from my tightly packed schedule.  As a result, I am able to give myself more fully to the tasks and people I encounter daily.  My service to children increases as i Go Deeper and find clarity within."--2008 Participant

"I feel as though I was given a great gift, the greatest of my life perhaps and from, quite frankly, total strangers.  I arrived there one woman -- I left quite another...What a gift."--2009 Participant

"The gift of the Teacher Residency is woven into my way of being in the world.  I know that my ability to pause and find the courage to be in right relationship with my work is a direct result of the cumulative experience at GilChrist.  As I interact with teachers and children I am mnore fully present and therefore can more often respond with clarity and kindness."--2010 Participant

"The time passed too quickly.  I felt so connected to the beauty and quietness of the surroundings.  My heart, mind and soul were renewed and blossomed along with all the flowers.  The sounds, scents, and the feel in nature are such a healthy experience."--2010 Participant